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Never Too Late

Lynne Ritter, a 59-year-old figure competitor


Lynne Ritter shattered the typical age boundaries by embracing her long-held dream: becoming a figure competitor at 59. For 30 years, Lynne juggled the demands of her family and her career as a culinary arts teacher at Seneca High School in Tabernacle, New Jersey. Alongside her husband Todd, her world revolved around their three children, Felicia, Reilly, and Jesse. In all those years of sacrificing for her family, she felt she had lost herself. But now that her children were 35, 22 and 21 years old, she finally found time to rediscover her own ambitions. No longer was she running from one crisis to another. No one needed her in that intense way that children do. In the gym, she found peace. 

Lynne Ritter
Lynne Ritter

Once, Lynne's dreams of competing were just distant whispers of her younger self. She knew it was time to turn those quiet aspirations into reality. Even in the bustle of the gym, a goal-oriented Lynne found the solitude needed to concentrate on herself again – and to plan. She wanted to cross the finish line. Her husband, a seasoned competitor himself, stood by her with an understanding of the dedication required. She prepared for this new venture like a true teacher by researching. A year before her competition, she attended a local OCB show and cased out the competition. She analyzed the 50+ figure category with a discerning eye, imagining herself on stage. Envisioning her future self among the athletes on stage ignited a lasting drive that propelled her throughout the next year.

As a nutrition teacher, Lynne easily mastered macros and dieting, yet she recognized the need for a maestro when it came to sculpting her physique, especially at her age. Genetically, she could build muscle easily, but the really difficult part was getting lean enough. So she contacted Joe Franco, a local coach, pro bodybuilder, and promoter of several successful natural bodybuilding shows. Under his tutelage, she followed his ever-training regimen and fine-tuned the macros in her diet, chiselling down to her ideal. 

In February 2023, Lynne debuted at the Double Down Natural, stepping into the spotlight with a calm, collectedness that belied her novice status. She felt comfortable on stage, from her clear heels to her bejeweled bikini. Yes, she was surrounded by younger athletes, but she knew she had earned her place. Lynne's presence was unwavering, a testament to her relentless training and countless hours of sweat and discipline that had sculpted her into a contender. Hours of gym work and daily cardio displayed her physique to its peak. And at 59 years old, she had the confidence that only comes with time. At the Double Down, she placed 3rd in the 50+ Figure division and 4th in the Open, 35+, and Novice divisions.

Lynne Ritter - OCB
Lynne Ritter

Now hitting her stride, Lynne graced the stage again in November 2023 at the Franco Classic. She placed 4th in the 50+ division and 4th in the Open division among stiff competition. After her first two competitions, Lynne's commitment to a healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever. She works out in her home gym and sticks to her macros even in the off-season. At any social event, she brings her food cooler and avoids alcohol. At 59, she feels better than ever, free from pain and full of energy. Moreover, she sleeps like a baby and loves working out with her 21-year-old daughter, an athlete. She remains determined and focused, waiting for her body to tell her when she will be ready to compete again. And in the meantime, her health journey continues to inspire her friends and her students. 

Lynne's story is a powerful reminder: it's never too late to chase your dreams and redefine your best – regardless of age. 

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