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Alexa Boyle: Road to Wellness

Age and Category: 21 years old, Wellness competitor

City/State: New Haven, CT

Gym:  Montari Brothers Powerhouse


My name is Alexa Boyle. I am a 21-year-old natural competitor in the Wellness category, and this is my story.

Growing up, I was always the overweight kid who was bullied for my weight and struggled with low self-esteem and depression. When I reached 230 pounds in 8th grade, I decided to lose weight. However, at 14, I lacked an understanding of fitness and nutrition. I managed to lose a lot of weight, but my health suffered. Before my 16th birthday, I reached my lowest weight of 96 pounds. I had lost my period, my hair was falling out, and I was hospitalized due to fainting episodes and malnutrition. Yet, everyone saw my journey from “fat girl to skinny” as a success story. I was no longer bullied. Many even told me how beautiful I “became”. Yet in my mind, I still wasn’t skinny enough. I was trapped in a cycle of self-destructive behavior. I attempted to control my weight through excessive cardio and binge eating, but by 17, I had gained back most of the weight. I weighed 210 pounds and was once again being bullied. My binge-purge cycles and emotional distress were made worse by the loss of my mother the summer before I turned 18. I was going down a rabbit hole with no way to climb out. The month before I started college, I was the most depressed I had ever been.

As I approached 19, with gyms again open after COVID, I prioritized my health and well-being. I began weightlifting and taught myself to cook, gradually embracing a healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, and I sought professional help to address my eating disorders and mental health. Over time, my relationship with food improved. During this time, Wellness bodybuilding was being introduced and heavily talked about. I was just in awe, but I also knew I wasn’t ready. Over time, I found solace in fitness, and my relationship with food slowly improved. I will never forget the first day I had eaten three meals; I was so proud of myself. There was no binging and no skipping breakfast to stay skinny. I was able to eat for the first time ever. My shaky relationship with food made prepping for a show “high risk” for me. So I waited two and a half years, waiting for my mental health to improve. Finally, I was ready to say YES to a coach and embarked on my journey of physical transformation and self-discovery. While working 2 jobs and a full course load, I made my debut into the OCB Wellness category on April 7, 2024. Bodybuilding has become more than a sport to me; it’s a testament to my resilience and self-love. Through all the challenges life has thrown at me, I've emerged stronger and more confident. This is not the end of my journey; it's just the beginning.



Taivar Pierce and my amazing Mother who coached me through three of my shows this season since my coach couldn’t make it.

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