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Energy Vampire

Hard on Heels | Energy Vampire
Hard on Heels | Energy Vampire

I could have done all these exercises at home but today I need the gym. I slept horribly last night with the sheets wrapped around me like vines from a story by the Brothers Grimm. Strangling me and pulling me until I woke up. I threw them back off only to find they came back at me an hour later. And again the battle raged till dawn when I woke up exhausted. So today I needed the gym. Because I needed energy. And I found it in the form of a man a decade younger than me. Young and full of ***. He walked around buoyant on his feet like the gym owed him a membership.  His tight black shirt with hills and valleys of muscles on his back. His pants accentuated strong thighs and sculpted calves.  

He stunk of testosterone. Perfect. He was in the HIIT side of the gym. Perfect. He was doing bodyweight exercises. Perfect. His cadence was strong and angry. Perfect. I was the engine and he was my fuel. With every side glance I gave him, I sucked more power from him. Getting energized by him. Propelling my sleep-deprived weakened body to match his frenetic rhythm. My workout was just as fast and furious as his. He was being used. And he didn’t even know it. 

At the end, I left feeling alive and awakened. Floating with vigor. Sparked and ready. 

For I had been a vampire and he had been my prey.

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