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There are few more acceptable addictions in this world than to be addicted to coffee. The lines at any Starbucks attest to our desire to spend extravagant amounts on a cup of flavored water. And we have not a bit of embarrassment about it. In addition, we have made one of the few, cheap, no-calorie drinks into an expensive and calorie-laden daily extravagance. (I mean, Dunkin Donuts Brown Sugar Oat Iced Latte at 310 calories? Really?)

I refuse to spend Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks money but, I still spend way too much time in the pursuit of coffee. I make at least two pots of coffee at the office and one at home each day. I have four different methods of making coffee (espresso machine, French press, mini Keurig, and the lowly coffee machine) – both at home and in the office. There was once a time when I would drink a cup of coffee before even brushing my teeth. I have an auto-delivery of Skinny Syrups French Vanilla coffee flavoring delivered every month. My weekend purse always carries an envelope of instant coffee and Splenda (just in case). I once went on a fast with no coffee and by the second day, I was headachy and was throwing up. I thought I was pregnant. But no, it all went away when I drank a Diet Coke.

I am well trained in defining addiction. I know all the signs and all the ways to verify the diagnosis. So here we go . . .


My name is Lorraine and I am a coffee addict. 


Now, where do I find a support group for that!

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